F I N N I S H    A M E R I C A N A

Y L V A   H A R U

A Finnish singer-songwriter Ylva Haru displays new folk music. Ylva reflects upon the times that we live in and humanity in all its forms - the aches, love and longing, bringing the music close to the listener with her soft and subtle vocals. Build around strong story telling and spiced up with layers of Americana guitars and vocal harmonies, she brings her enchanting music to her audience with a five musician live band.

Ylva Haru originates from Klovharu, the holiday home island of the Finnish author Tove Jansson. Having spent the night at the island, the singer-songwriter was moved by the mystical forces of nature and heard a soundscape of the sea which now plays on in her songs.


Ylva Haru released her debut album Linnut (Soit Se Silti) in January 2019.  Her first EP by the name of Tuulensuoja was published in 2016.


Ylva Haru - vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, composition, lyrics

Matias Kiiveri - guitar, backing vocals

Arttu Aalto - guitar, backing vocals

Riikka Keränen - bass, backing vocals

Anssi Tirkkonen - drums

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Ylva Haru pictures © Tuomas Aro