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Ylva Haru's Album Is OUT!

Ylva Haru © Tuomas Aro

Linnut, Ylva Haru's first full-length album is now out on Spotify! It was released three days ago on Jan 11th. The single "Elämä kantaa" has been playing on Finnish national radio stations since the beginning of January and has gained great recognition and fantastic reviews. The opening track of the album "Tähän hetkeksi jään" has been titled "a true world-class indiefolk gem" (Aleksi Pahkala, Päivän biisit, 11.1.2019).

The album was recorded on August 2018 with a tight schedule and limited budget, but a warm buzz of love for the music in our hearts. I enjoyed every bit of making Ylva's music come alive at Matias Kiiveri's studio, Hollywood House in Helsinki. I'm grateful for having had the chance to be part of this amazing group of people and musicians! We had a blast!

Me, Anssi, Arttu, Ylva Haru and Matias

This picture was taken right outside the studio just before I got stung by a bee. Gladly, we didn't have but one song to finish that day and I was still able to play the bass.

Go and have a listen on Spotify! All of the songs on Linnut ("Birds") have flown out of their nests and are waiting for you!


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