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Summer of 2018

The summer has flown by and I'm trying to hold on to the last days of uncluttered schedules and warm days. My thoughts are already in the coming fall, but that's another story! Here are some of the highlights of the Summer of 2018.

My summer started already in the middle of May when I visited my family in Northern Finland. The mission was to get a few days vacation just before I finished teaching and school and also get new promotional pictures taken of me for the upcoming gigs. I was super excited to get a hold of a phenomenal photographer Kai Tirkkonen and his amazing assistant Sonja Keränen to do the session with me. And boy, was I happy when I saw the pictures!

Kai Tirkkonen
Riikka © Kai Tirkkonen

We had the photoshoot at my parent's and I couldn't have wished for a better spot! The birch trees right next to the house were just starting to turn green and we decided to take a few shots right next to them. Kai and Sonja made me feel super relaxed and I think it shows in the end result.

Kai Tirkkonen

One of the most exciting gigs this summer was playing with Ylva Haru in Juurihoito Festival, where we performed new material from the next album. I had been waiting for the gig for quite sometime and it was kind of a fulfillment to finally get to share all the music with the audience. Ylva Haru's music touches me in it's purity and simplicity and although I've heard and played the songs for many times now, they never cease to amaze me. The texts grasp very special moments and Ylva depicts them beautifully with fine sensibility.

Also, it's fun to get to play the bass and sing the backing vocals! It's a nice change to get to interact with the band in a different way than what I would in other groups.

Jari Flinck

Signe is living a very busy life at the moment! We were thrilled to be the opening act of Jazz-Espa 2018 festival held right in the heart of Helsinki. The day was beautiful and also very hot: we performed at noon when the sun shining at it's full capacity. There was a nice crowd and people were also stopping by to listen to us while strolling in the Esplanadi Park.

There was a new tune in our set composed by Josefiina, and there's more to come! We're working on new material which will be recorded before the year is through. As I mentioned earlier, there's a lot going on for Signe in the fall and in spring, too. Looking forward to share all that with you!

Besides the festival gigs I've been also performing in private events with Boogie Zone and a few other groups. I've also spent time with my family and friends and enjoyed one of the hottest summers in a while to the fullest! I took the picture above while visiting Hailuoto, a little island in the Bothnian Bay, with family and friends the other day. The sky and the sea looked magnificent and I couldn't feel but happy.

It's been a wonderful summer and I've gotten to share special moments with special people and I feel very grateful! Next up - the Fall Adventures! I can't wait!


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