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Jazz Voice School Helsinki

Today we launched the news on a new collaboration which is called the Jazz Voice School Helsinki. It's a private school teaching jazz voice, theory and songwriting to singers from beginners to experienced artists. I'm working together with Josefiina Vannesluoma, my wonderful friend and genius teacher and vocalist/composer/flutist colleague, on this project and we are super hyped about it! We have been working together in Signe for a few years now and the school seems an appropriate continuum for our ever evolving partnership.

Jazz Voice School Helsinki is offering a Vocal Jazz Course starting from February 2020 on top of one-to-one vocal lessons. The participants of the Vocal Jazz Course will grow their repertuoire with five new songs, explore jazz theory and improvisation. The focus of the course is on the swing and even eights -phrasing and how to use rhythm in different musical contexts. The course will have a final concert in April 2020.

"Singing jazz is a liberating experience"

Both of us, Josefiina and I, believe it to be crucial to find an own voice as a vocalist and as an artist. Jazz has a special way of liberating and enhancing one's imagination which we find will help students in their quest for originality.

I've always felt that improvising and being present in a moment creates a safe space where I can search for my sound and a way of sharing my stories and thoughts through music in an original way. I feel with jazz I'm not chained to pre-defined form of singing or expressing but every song is truly one of a kind.

Through our new school we wanted to give the students an opportunity to study jazz voice and develop one's skills persistently. We had also wondered how to bring our students together for some time.

Jazzy Christmas Song Course in the fall 2020

We have planned a lot of group lectures with different topics for the fall semester 2020 but we're only launching one course this spring to see how the public reacts. As we've settled with our clientele we will offer a varied plate of studying modules. We're planning to go deep in, for example, jazz theory, composition and vocal group coaching with the enthusiastic students. A jazzy Christmas Song Course is also coming up in the fall of 2020.

Why vocal jazz?

- Built around one's own personal sound

- Exploration of uniqueness and one's self through voice, experiencing something new

- Goal-directed learning and new challenges

- Liberating and imaginative

- Not forced in in a pre-defined form

- Practising subtle subjects, which can lead to groundbreaking music making

The enrolment for Jazz Voice School Helsinki Vocal Jazz Course and one-to-one lessons is open in www.jazzvoiceschoolhelsinki.com. You can follow us on social media through @jazzvoiceschoolhelsinki.

Enroll Vocal Jazz Course by February 6th, 2020 4 pm or as long as there are vacant places on the course. The teaching will take place in Vallila, Nokiantie 2-4, 00510 Helsinki.


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